Unusual Ways To Increase Productivity

Productivity is something that every business wants to perfect and improve. We often talk about ways to increase individual and group productivity, both in the office and at home. But what do you do if you feel you have tried everything, yet nothing seems to come from it? Here are some unusual productivity tips to help your office when nothing else seems to.

Feng shui to utilize work and break time.
Move around the office furniture to utilize the space, not only for work but for break time as well. Ergonomic furniture and effectively placing furniture can increase productivity by over 50% (find more here). While we’re on the topic of breaks, encourage employees to take quick walks during their lunch hour, or better yet, offer to go with them. Exercise and being social are both great ways to energize employees and keep them happy.

Green up the office
Adding plants in the office is a good way to decrease stress in employees. Some studies show that by working in an office with plants, employees were less likely to get sick, reducing coughs and headaches.  Along with plants, allowing sunlight in the office can increase serotonin levels, enhancing your focus, making you happier and less tired. While the plants make the office look good, they will make employees feel better and less likely to call in sick.

What’s that smell?
Lemon, peppermint and sage can give you an energy boost and increase focus. While diffusing in the office can distract other employees, try putting some on your wrist or mix it with your water.

Build team morale.
Having fun and building team relationships outside of the office will help employees collaborate better in the office. So, grabbing a drink or appetizers after work or doing team building activities are great ways to keep employees motivated and communicating with each other.

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