How to Become A Paperless Office

While many businesses have every intention of becoming a paperless workplace, it is hard to determine a good place to start. We’ve mentioned the benefits of going paperless ( save time, money, improve productivity, security, etc. for more, check out our blog post, Positive Impacts of a Paperless Office) which is good to know of course but how do you start? Here are some tips to help your business make the switch.

Support employees.
Think about how much paper an individual employee goes through, on average it’s about 10,000 sheets. So if you encourage and support employees to start going paperless, the more successful you will be in doing it. Make sure to explain to employees how a document management system would be beneficial to everyone. Be ¬†encouraging, breaking habits and changing is very difficult.

Find what works for you.
It’s important that documents are secured and backed as well as accessible whenever needed. When looking at document management software, make sure that you find one that suits your business’ needs. The best options fit your current processes and allow you to capture, search and manage documents.

Start digitizing.
When you have large amounts of files, digitizing can seem like a frightening task. But certain software can let you scan and utilize OCR (Confused about OCR? Click here- OCR, What is it?) Which makes scanning and retrieving documents so much easier. There are solutions out there that will help you automate your processes and make employees way more productive.

Reduce incoming paper.
Rather than fighting the paper that is rapidly taking over your desk, fight off what is coming in your office. Take yourself off mailing lists, pay bills online and go paperless with banking. Once you cut down on the paper that is coming into your office, you can focus on the paper you already have without having to deal with the “never-ending paper pile” feeling.

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