Switch & Save With New York State Contract

When was the last time you heard someone say they want to waste time and money? Probably not ever. Well businesses don’t want to waste time and money either. Thankfully, the New York State contract system helps businesses save both.

Saving Time
New York State Contracts can save time by decreasing the time necessary to have a bidding war. Their procurement services allow for a quicker, easier purchasing of goods and services. It also makes the purchasing easier because there are over 170 preferred member agencies and private sector partners to work with. The time savings mean that your business will have spare time to invest in other projects, improvements, and other value-enhancing activities.

Saving Money
Second, New York State Contracts can save businesses money. The time savings mean overall decreased spending on projects. That’s spending less money on the wages the people working to set up the bidding process, carry out, and follow through with it. It also means saving money on having to re-do jobs. The New York State Contracts procurement services have foundations in ethics and efficiency meaning that your job will be done the right way, quickly the first time- not the second or third. Money doesn’t grow on trees and it doesn’t come free. And with the struggling economy, businesses are spending more carefully. See if your organization can save money by making the switch.

Business comes down to making a profit. They can’t make a profit if they’re wasting time and money on dead-ends. New York State Contracts have prevented this with 1900 contracts. See if making the switch is right for your organization. What are you waiting for?

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