How Well Are You Managing Your Document Management System?

Employees spend 50 percent of their time searching for information, while only reading 5-15 percent of information and not to mention 7.5 percent of documents get lost! (For more document management facts, click here.) Document management systems help employees covert, store and retrieve documents while reducing their workload and the piles of paper on their desks. By implementing a document management system, companies will save their employees from drowning in paper, but if companies are  managing the system incorrectly, they might be tossing employees a broken life jacket.  Here are several rules of managing a document management system:

A strong document management system can handle and capture many different file types.When implementing  a system it’s important that software can handle all types. It’s also important that it provides OCR abilities in each type. Avoid document management solutions that support limited file types, choose a vendor that is able to keep up with new technologies as they come out.

When it comes to managing documents, especially when dealing with sensitive information. So trust is crucial in a document management system. Employees should be aware of policies or how to handle important documents with private information . Transparent instructions and procedures can help employees be more successful with a document management system.

Storage is the most crucial part of a successful company. Because document management systems can store large amounts of data, companies should be constantly looking at what is the most important to store and what information should be archived. Document management systems allow companies to prioritize and categorize their documents.

The main purpose of document management systems is to aid business processes by creating much easier access to documents when employees need to search and retrieve them. Before implementing a system, it’s necessary to take time to link the types of records to a particular business process. Without that, it will become difficult for different employees to use the appropriate document for a specific task.

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