Biel’s 2016 Conference: The Official Preview

The Official Biel’s 2016 Conference Preview:

Automate & Collaborate: Biel’s 2016 Conference (formerly the Users’ Expo) will be held next Friday, September 9, 2016 beginning at 9AM in the Jim Kelly Club at New Era Field, formerly Ralph Wilson Stadium. We are so excited for the event and all of the benefits it will bring! The day is full of workshops, information, and discussions met to bring your business a better understanding of document management. This year, join Biel’s to learn about Automation and see what Biel’s and partners can do for your organization. From break-out presentations to hands on workshops, automation will be on full display. Collaborate with us and other professionals all day. From the breakfast, cocktail hour, and every moment in between, you will be able to learn from all attendees.

How the Day Will Go

The day will kick off with a networking breakfast at the newly named, New Era Field (formerly Ralph Wilson). Attend keynote presentations, including Biel’s very own president, to hear about the document management industry from veterans. If you are attending with a specific need check out our break out sessions next. These twelve sessions ranging from project scope to automate accounts payable to workflow. These are a great way to learn about document management for your business in a smaller, more focused session. Take up another opportunity to network at the buffet lunch with conference attendees, see vendors, and booths. The second breakout sessions of the day will then occur, this is a great time to attend the Q&A session!

Don’t forget the tour of the field and locker room!

Conference attendees can also take a locker room and field tour of the facilities, courtesy of our hosts. From near or far this is a great way to see the stadium closer than before. We finish out our day at the bar for happy hour to celebrate all the learning, discussions, collaborations, and networking that happened today.

Automate and Collaborate Conference Attendees we will see you in less than two weeks! If you have not registered, there is still time. Visit Biel’s to register.