Biel’s End of the Year Checklist

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s a crucial time to reflect on the workflow efficiency and productivity habits of your office. This is an essential time to ensure that your documents are efficiently managed and organized. Below is a checklist that you can run thought, to make sure that the documents in your office are properly cared for.

Are Your Documents Safe and Secure?

Does your office implement proper security measures to ensure the safety of your documents? Converting your documents to a paperless, digital format will ensure that all of your important documents are located in a single, centralized digital location. Authorization and passwords can also be applied to ensure that sensitive documents don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Is Your Office Organized?

Do you spend way too much time looking for files and documents? Are long file cabinet searches a regular part of your routine? An organized office is essential to the healthy workflow of any business. Document management solutions will ensure that your documents will be instantly accessible and available to any authorized employees. Organized documents will increase the efficiency and productivity of your office. Digitized documents will also increase office work rate.

Are your Documents Backed-Up?

In the event of a disaster or network crash, are your documents backed-up? Does your business have a backup system in place to prevent loss so that you can continue operations? When you digitize your documents, all of your files will be backed up and securely located in the cloud.  Digital Documents will decrease the threat of lost, stolen and misplaced documents.

Are Your Document Digitally Accessible?

As years go on, business becomes increasingly digital. To make sure that your business is up-to-date, you are going to need to make sure that your documents are archives are digitized. Digitized documents allow for business and communication processes to be streamlined, increasing workflow efficiency and work speed.

Is Your Office in the Cloud?

By submitting your documents to the cloud, you are eliminating the need for internal storage. Internal storage can be risky for a business, as you  need to implement  extensive security measures, whereas cloud technology assures document security.

Biel’s will help your company implement any of these above solutions. To learn more about document management and digital documents visit Biels.com.