Revamping Your Organization Skills for the New Years

The new year offers a clean slate and a fresh start. If you weren’t happy with how 2015 went, then this is the perfect opportunity to correct old habits and to allow for personal growth. Below are some tips on how to revamp your organization skills for the new year.

Keep Track of Your Goals and Resolutions

Every January, people make new year’s resolutions and then quickly abandon them. Don’t be one of those people! To keep track of your new year’s goals and resolutions write them down in your planner, journal and/or calendar. Also, be sure to mark down when you achieve a particular goal or resolution. This will ensure that you stick to your goals so that you can achieve them. This will also help you to establish and maintain organization skills that will increase your productivity.

Sort Through Papers

Have a huge stack of papers on your desk at work or on your kitchen counter at home? Sort through them! You don’t want last years clutter to throw you off your grove. Look for any bills that need to be paid, or get all of your receipts together for tax season.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

The new year is the perfect time to sort through the office and your home to get rid of any unwanted items. If you can determine that you  don’t need a particular item, then you definately don’t need it in your space. As the old saying goes: “Out with the old and in with the new.” This is especially true for the new year.

Get Ready for Tax Season

While you sort through old papers, assemble all of the documents you need to do your taxes. You may be tempted to put taxes off, but an early start will give you plenty of time to prepare and organize.  

Prepare a Personal 2016 Budget

Unhappy with how much you spent in 2015? Looking for a way to better manage your finances. A great start is by preparing a 2016 budget for yourself. This will allow you to allocate your funds to make sure you are spending accordingly.Your budget will allow you to determine what you really need to be spending on and where you can start to save money.  A budget will help you to establish financial organization, which will help you both short term and in the long run.

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