Big Data and What it will Change About ECM

What is Big Data and What it will Change About ECM?

Big data is a product of the internet era and its rise. The term was coined when data became so large that regular processing systems where not capable of handling its influx. It refers to all the data, structured or unstructured, that comes into a business on a day-to-day basis and can be utilized . While incredibly useful, big data faces challenges in analysis, capture, curation, and storage. We are now in a world where data is considered king. Its importance to companies success can not be understated specifically in regards to it’s analysis and storage. ECM traditionally provided the system to do that. But with the current scope of data where the line is blurred between structured (rows and columns) and unstructured (text and pictures), regular ECM systems just won’t make the cut.

How ECM will Change

ECM systems will become smarter  to handle smarter data. They will adapt to handle any type of data. No longer will they be bound by structured data but instead capable to handle both kinds. More and more important data is being generated in an unstructured way, especially public information information and reactions. This unstructured data such as blogs, tweets, GPS locations, and comments will be integrated into the ECM systems providing managers a much more comprehensive view. This method of storing will ensure a better snapshot of big data statistics. While old ECM allowed for easy search to analysis the data, new ECMs will make the move towards modeling Business Intelligence systems. They will take in all the data and providing analysis of it to further help managers. At that point the stored data will become solely useful data. By innovating ECM big datas problem of analysis and storage will be solved. The need for this will completely shake up the ECM industry and business practices. t will also give companies a leg up in managing the Big Data in a way that is both cost-effective and best for their business needs.

Whats next?

Big Data is here. The continued use and integration of big data into every business system makes it vital to have ECM that can handle it. Big Data is the changing force in a growing Enterprise Content Management industry.

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