A Virtual Office Calls for Virtual Documents


The virtual office is more than a trend. It is becoming one of the top ways to get work done. The virtual office allows for employees to work from wherever, whenever. By allowing this freedom employees can be stationed all over the world. Not having overhead of a building and increased flexibility for employees is an enticing way for companies to boost not only productivity but profits. This trend is pushed forward by the millennial generation and their desires/expectations of work-life balance. A virtual office allows for many employees across the globe in many different time-zone and cultures to work together.

But in order to be successful employees need to have access to the companies documents at any time in any place. This needs creates a problem with hard-copy on site document management. The employees do not have immediate access, since they would need to somehow retrieve it or they would need to be in the location of the documents. Which would make that a not so virtual office.

Companies need to convert their documents to virtual. By having virtual documents employees will be able to access the documents when they are working. For example, having a electronic management system would allow for employees to have access to the document on any kind of device that runs through the server. This would allow for multi-locations over the world to be able to work on the same document independently. A cloud-based system would enable employees to work at any time from any place with any internet access.

Either way virtual documents allow for real time editing and control. The changes can be seen from user to user and can be accessed both simultaneously and quickly. This increases the collaborative nature of a virtual office, to recreate the success of a traditional office

This trend is continually growing in an increasingly global world. The traditional file-cabinet management system is a thing of the past. No more emailing documents or walking to them. It’s time to go virtual in a digital world. Contact Biel’s today to start converting your documents.