Office Feng Shui to Promote a Productive Workday

Feng shui is a Chinese art and science in which the flow of energy is determined by the arrangement and position of objects.  Good feng shui means good fortune.  In other words, there are certain objects and ways to arrange a room that can be beneficial by giving off positive energy.  One easy way to produce positive energy is by adding indoor plants to your office.  Plants purify the air.  Studies have shown that indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution.  Also, if you place a plant within three feet of your desk, it will balance any negative energies around you.

Art is very important to create feng shui at your workplace.  Images that are colorful and encourage success are ideal, such as a feng shui dragon or a horse.  Placing a painting of mountains behind your desk will represent support, and placing a painting of a river in front of you it will represent wealth.  Not only will your office be stylish, it will also create good vibes.

It is important to have an office with good natural lighting.  A commanding position is a spot that will create the most positive energy.  The best place to put a desk in an office is diagonally furthest from the door.  It is best for the desk to face the door.  That way you will not be caught off guard if something is to happen outside, or if someone comes in.  It is best not to place the desk directly in front of the door.  Behind the desk, should be a wall.  If there is a window there, angle the desk.  The size of the desk matters.  A desk that is too small will make you feel restricted, while a desk that is too big will make you feel like you can’t handle your work.

Put up pictures, symbols, or write quotes up of work-related achievements you want to earn.  It is important to be inspired in your office.  Any personal items that will give you positive energy toward your career are welcomed into your office.  This will help you work harder and focus on your success.

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