Biz Blab Decoded: SEO

Ten years ago the internet was easy. Having a website put your company in the cutting edge of digital technology and marketing. But now million of registered websites later and billions of web users, your website has lost it’s effectiveness. And that’s where SEO comes in.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the algorithms that improve website ranking in search engines through organic search results. As a company you want higher SEO ranking. The SEO ranking is simply where you would fall in a search engine for given queries. Company’s want a hire ranking to appear earlier pages for a search since more than 2/3 of those who search never read past the third page of results.

People are starting to lean in on this market opportunity to provide SEO ranking “improvement” for a fee. BUT you have the ability to improve your SEO through some small changes.

1. Make sure the website code is efficient. All website code should be updated to HTML 5.0 to increase SEO. In addition, code should contain alt tags for images and videos. By inserting an alt tag (<img alt=“healthy dinner for two” src=“food.png”/>) it will increase your SEO rating since search engines cannot read pictures and hence calculate pictures SEO ranking.

2. Utilize key words. Using https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner allows you to see keywords relevant to the topic and content your site uses. By increasing your key words you can easily increase your SEO ranking. Spread these keywords throughout content, alt tags, title tags, and metadata. Be careful to not over share keywords or “key word stuffing” since you will be penalized and see a decrease in SEO from the frowned-upon practice.

3. Content is king! The best way to increase your SEO ranking is to provide valuable, relevant, and timely content to your readers. This content should be valuable to your readers. By creating valuable content, readers will come to your site and increase SEO ranking. Create content that is relevant and timely through updates to old content and publication of new content. Finally, link your content to other sites. This increases the SEO ranking and will create links back to you to.

SEO is a new part of technology and is not just a buzzword. It is a necessary change of pace. If you have any questions regarding SEO or creating content, we can help. Contact Biel’s soon.