Mobile is the Future: Part Three

 Mobile Document Management sums the series up.

Mobile Document Management is not necessarily something that many companies are directly providing to employees. But mobile document management is increasingly important. People are on the go, away from work and pulling up content regardless. It is simply best practice to create efficient and secure mobile document management. This practice ties directly into another oft-discussed topic on the blog, cloud management. The current solution is to have mobile document management through cloud access. This allows for mobile users to access documents anywhere and without the need of a server.

Building upon cloud-based document management some companies have implanted a personal app. This app runs through their databases and servers while still allowing for remote access. It is backed up by server security and sends data through encryption and system verification. The ability to go to the cloud and hence to mobile is supremely beneficial.


1. Lack of restrictions. Your employees get instant access to any document. This will allow for an increase in productivity and a huge time saver.

2. Go Green: Eliminate paper, printers, scanners and manual document delivery. By allowing for cross-device mobile management no paper will need to printed. Everything can be pulled up regardless of location or device saving paper.

3. Maintain control of all those documents. By having control of your own personal mobile document management it will decrease unwanted mobile access. Employees can log in and access through a company secure option, instead of just emailing to themselves to pull up on a potentially insecure device. This will ensure you have control.

4. Integrate with whatever cloud storage the company uses or the company’s own servers. If you company chooses to go the application route it is easily integrated with any cloud status currently up and running with in your company’s IT infrastructure.

Mobile Document Management utilizes cloud-based docent management and well-built applications to keep up with the growing times and trends. To keep up with your employees consider mobile document management. Questions or interests please contact Biels.

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