Biz Blab Decoded: Synergy

Synergy is another business word that is heard all the time. As a trend, synergy has become popular to improve business practices and the workplace. But if you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, when a boss says it in a meeting – you’re not alone.

Synergy is the increased effectiveness when businesses or people work together. We all learned synergy way back in grade school in group projects. Much like then, the benefits of synergy are good for everyone now. Yet synergy is not as simple as 1+1=2, it’s more like 1+1=3. And that extra 1, it is all you, personally.
The only way to make synergy works is for you to create the office environment through: Communication: Synergy can not happen without communication! The goal is to have open communication in a way that increases the effectiveness of you as a teammate. There are three ways to do that.

• Goals: As a teammate, you should share your goals with your teammates. By communicating your goals , the team can ensure that they are on the same page. The goals can than be shared and re-adapted to fit the need of your specific group or team.

• Rewards: It is always important to be on the same page about rewards. For example, if someone expects a bonus and you expect extra vacation days one of you may end up disappointed. Feelings of disappointment can lead to a “what’s in it for me” feeling.

• Progress: Share your progress as a team. This allows you to all be on the same page and to share in the joys of completion.

Performance: It is imperative that you hold yourself to high performance standards. This ensures that the entire team is working effectively and not burdening a couple of people. If you ever remember the free-loaders in college and the frustration they caused, its very similar here. Necessary for this step is accountability to your performance.

Accessibility and Listening: For office synergy there needs to accessibility and listening in the office between departments. As a part of a department, you should always be accessible and willing to listen to tother departments in order to improve working together. Furthermore, this will allow a ideas to flow easier and with more creativity than before.
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