How to Boost Office Productivity on Friday


By the time Friday rolls around, employees are already checked out for the week. Some may leave early to start their weekend. Others may sit around focusing on what they are going to do with their weekend. Then there are some employees scrambling to get everything done before the end of the week. It is time for offices to reclaim their Fridays. Here are a few tips to boost office productivity on Friday.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

Email – Stop wasting Friday in your inbox. Start having “Email Free Fridays” so employees can focus on the bigger tasks at hand. By using this technique, companies have made a tremendous strides in terms of work place productivity.

Meetings – Meetings take so much time out of the work week. The last thing someone wants to do on a Friday is going through the stress and preparation of a meeting before the weekend. Have meetings earlier in the week and leave Friday to relax and focus on tasks that meetings get in the way of.

Set Goals and Get Out of There

Think about how much you get done in a normal “9 to 5” workday. On a typical workday, you usually spread out the amount of work you do to take up your whole day. Set goals or objectives to finish that would typically take you a full workday. Give yourself an equal amount of work on Friday and leave once you are finished. Start making Friday a results oriented workday and reward yourself by getting out early.

It’s time to take Friday’s back. With a little bit of effort Friday can be the most productive day of the week and you can even get out of the office early.


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