What is Scan to Zero?

Scan to Zero is an original Biel’s document management solution developed to eliminate all of your paper records over time. That’s Right! The paperless office is within your reach. This solution will eliminate paper over time and save you from paying expensive storage costs.

The Time is Now
90% of business information still exists on paper. In the US alone, there are 4 trillion paper documents. These paper documents take up valuable office space, hinder employee productivity and are a risk to information security. Making the switch from paper to digital with Biel’s is quick, easy, effective and affordable.

Results You Will See
From the first day you start the Biel’s scan to zero solution, you will begin to see results. Biel’s will start scanning your documents to digital, saving you from the hassle of scanning. After the scanning process, digital records will be at your fingertips. Management and retrieval of records will be fast and easy. Employees will no longer waste hours within the week searching far and wide for documents in bulky filing cabinets. With Scan to Zero, you will save costs and time by improving office efficiency, ultimately providing a great return on investment.

How Scan-to-Zero Works
Biel’s will work with you to set up a payment plan to get you started. If you store your documents off-site, we will pay the termination fee for your contract to secure your documents. Biel’s will start to devitalize your documents and records until you are down to ZERO. Over this time period you will not be paying much less for Biel’s to scan your documents rather than paying for costly document storage.

Scan to Zero is a perfect way for any business to go paperless, but is even better if you have a current sustainability or “Go Green” initiative in the works.

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