5 Ways To Show ROI For Document Management Software

Are cardboard boxes and filing cabinets taking up your office? Are you constantly looking for one document amongst thousands? Have you ever imagined sitting at your own paperless desk and all you have to do to find a document is a few clicks on your computer screen? If not, take a minute or two to think about it right now. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Document management software can provide you this capability. Convincing a boss to make the switch to document management software may be tricky, until you show him / her these 5 ways document management software provides a return on investment (ROI).

Break away from the costs associated with paper

Every cost related to paper for a business begins to add up. Think about the money a business can save without paper. You will no longer have to store paper documents at costly storage sites. Bulky filing cabinets taking up valuable office space become obsolete. Shipping documents to clients or off site departments is no longer necessary. Lastly you can eliminate almost all of your ink, toner, paper and other printing costs

Save Time and Money

The average office information worker spends up to 20% of their time filing and searching through paper documents and another 10 hours a week searching for documents that are missing. This means you are paying for employees to look for something that sometimes is not even there. Document management software allows for all documents to be right at your fingertips. Employees will be able to work more efficiently and do what they are being payed to do.

Eliminate the risk of losing your documents

What would happen if your companies documents were destroyed in a flood, fire or other type of disaster. Document management software will prevent any documents from getting lost. A company can save thousands with secure document management software.

Eliminate Busy Work

Document management software will allow you to spend less time on processing contracts, invoices and customer inquiries. This allows companies to increase work capacity and increase growth potential.

Think of the office space you can save

By eliminating filing cabinets and paper storage, your office has a lot more potential. The space can become more productive. More office space can give your company room to grow.


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