Making Your Team More Productive


With today’s economy, businesses have been eliminating certain positions within the workplace, resulting in highly paid workers wasting time on activities that don’t lead to gains. Being on a team we have to make sacrifices along with contributions to benefit the whole group. We don’t want to make anyone feel like their hard work is being abused by giving that person grunt work while still putting in a ton of hours. So here are a few steps that can help your team become more productive with also leading your business into an explosive growth.

Have a set team structure.

Teams need an outline that clearly states everyone’s responsibilities, how often the team will meet, and how decisions will be made. Part of this outline should be an opportunity for all workers to voice challenges and concerns so that the more dominant personalities on the team don’t receive all the attention. In certain businesses it is crucial to assign the high valued tasks to the higher qualified/highest paid people throughout the company along with the low-value tasks to the less skilled workers.

Focus on the big picture.

It is important to point out what the company needs its workers to accomplish and what they are actually doing. If working on low-value administrative tasks is not contributing to meeting the goal then make sure you re-assess the tasks and complete the important and higher-valued tasks first. Restructuring responsibilities may also be a good idea if you catch your team members heading home continuously before you can even think about wrapping up for the day.

Don’t let resentment build.

Unfair situations are always going to develop within a business, and it is important to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Resentment will build up otherwise, which will affect the quality of work, energy and possibly lead to negative confrontations. One way to avoid these unfair situations would be to match employees skill set to their behavioral preferences. It takes time and sometimes stress for employees to be proficient in a few areas, so having a specific employee that outshines all others in a specific area will help your business become more efficient.

Keep your eye on the goal.

All team members are consistently working towards the success of the project, so it is important that the team leader communicates to its members on how to fulfill their roles to ensure that productivity is consistent. Reviews are a good idea to get a clear understanding of all the obstacles standing in the way of top efficiency.  Managers tend to ignore what issues the team is facing since they are worried about the big picture and the goal that is being accomplished. So it is important that the managers step back and work with the team to find a common ground along with solutions to benefit the workers and the company.


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