Career Resolutions That You Should Consider

When we make our New Year Resolutions, we often focus on our personal lives, however there are several habits and changes that we should focus on to make 2015 a productive and healthy year.

Start work earlier.

A lot of leaders come into the office early, many to be a good role model and for others to get a head start on their list of tasks. However, studies show that we work best within our first two hours awake. They are the best times to focus and be in the “work zone”. Plus you get that great feeling of accomplishment by 10 am!

Cut down on emails.

Keep everything short and simple. Your messages to others need to be clear and straight to the point. You feel pressed for time writing them and your coworkers feel pressed for time reading them. If it is regarding a topic that you need to discuss, don’t email. Talking in person or a phone call will settle things much quicker.

Take lunch- away from your desk.

Lunch time is a great time to refresh your mind and re-energize. Eating in front of your computer screen is not utilizing your time. When you leave the office, you’re more likely to eat healthier and spend more time building professional relationships with your co-workers. Along with taking lunch away from the desk, exercising will also help you reboot and keep a fresh mind. Just taking 10 minutes a day will help you decrease stress and clear your mind.

Take a vacation.

This is the year to appreciate the time you get for yourself.  In the past, not utilizing your vacation time was a way to prove who works harder- now it’s frowned upon to not take personal time for yourself.  Taking time off to travel and spend time with friends/family will keep you motivated and inspired at work. If you are really needed in the office, you will be contacted and kept in the loop. The office world will keep spinning.

New Year’s resolutions for your professional life are important because you spend so much time in the office. With time and determination, these tips will help make 2015 a great year professionally.

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