Start the Paperless Movement In Your Office

With the advances in technology that are within our reach, it is simply a matter of embracing and utilizing what we have to start the inevitable- the paperless office. By preparing and encouraging employees for the change,  you’ll save time and money- all while increasing productivity.

Start a team: Get employees from different departments together to form a team that will focus on reducing paper. Have this team help with new business processes, encourage other employees and to keep each other focused and updated on progress.  The team can promote the goals with other employees and also turn it into a game or an employee competition of  who uses the least amount of paper in a week and offer rewards.

Start from the bottom: It’s important to determine how much paper is used annually for printers and other office equipment, advertising and even the bathrooms! Follow the trail of the documents to understand why the business needs it printed or doesn’t need to print it. Knowing this information will make it easier to set goals, judge process and improve paperless solutions.

Goals: Make sure that your goals are clear and measurable, with a specific timeline. Long term goals of a paperless office will affect the daily practices in the office. While we have all the tools to move forward, now it’s about bracing ourselves for change. By scheduling meetings once every week or two, you can report progress and determine any changes that need to be made. As mentioned before, use incentives for individuals or departments who are succeeding in changes.

Biel’s offers a solution called, “Scan to Zero“, that helps you eliminate all of your paper records to save costs, efficiency and security. Contact us today to get started!

For more information about the paperless office and how you should move forward, read, How to Become a Paperless Office.

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