How To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

With the New Year beginning in a few days, so everyone will start thinking about what they want to add or take away from their daily habits. Exercising more, eating sugar less and write more typically fall on my list every year. Like many others, I start out of the gate strong, however, as time goes on, so does my motivation. So how do you stick to your New Year resolutions when your motivation dwindles several weeks into the New Year? Try out these strategies.

Exercise… your willpower. The more you exert self-control, the easier it will become. However, just like any other muscle if you push it too hard, you will find yourself unsuccessful. Know when you’ve reached your limit. Stress, being tired or hungry will wear on you. So if you’re feeling tempted by something, walk away, eat and rest- give your will power a break.

Make your goals more attainable. To change your behavior, break down your goals into daily challenges. For example, planning to take the stairs twice a week, go to the gym twice this week and bring a salad for lunch every day will help you reach your goal faster than just saying, “I’ll lose ten pounds.”

Don’t try too many changes at once. Having multiple resolutions is admirable, but trying to alter your behavior in so many ways, quickly, is going to feel impossible. For example, going to the gym every day and eating better is a popular resolution and to be successful, you need to think not only about your workouts for the day but also make a conscious shop and eat healthier. That itself is quite challenging and to adding other resolutions will distract you from the necessary concentration you need to be successful in all your goals.

Studies have shown that writing your goals down and giving yourself an end date, will make you more likely to stick to your New Year Resolution and reach your goal. Setting personal goals is great and if your company is also ready to make changes contact Biel’s today. 

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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