Clean Up Desk Chaos

How much time during the work day do you spend looking for documents, supplies, emails… you catch my drift. No matter how long it takes you, you’re losing valuable time and therefore, not being very productive. Don’t fret, we can definitely help you get back some of the time you’ve lost. By making your workspace less stressful and more organized, you’ll find yourself having an easier time meeting deadlines and finishing projects.

If you’re trying to kick the chaos out of your office, sometimes the hardest step is the first. Try going through all the papers that are on your desk, get rid of everything you no longer need or have another copy of. Find a filing system that works for you. Try breaking the habit of printing everything that comes to you. The less you print, the less paper you have to sort and organize. If you must print something, do not just set it down on your desk. Every piece of paper has a home and purpose, make sure that you find it and help it get there.

After going through the hard copies, tackle your desktop.  I know from experience how easy it is to let things get a bit out of hand and let your desk top become overwhelmingly cluttered. Create folders and subfolders for projects and files.  Once you have everything settled on your desk top, it will be easier to start to break the printing habit.

After cleaning out the hard copies and your desk top, go through all your supplies. You don’t need a huge amount of pens and pencils on your desk- stick to the basics. The items you use the most should be right by you, everything you use periodically can go into a drawer or into a supply closet.

Once you’ve remove the clutter from your desk and desktop, you can focus on your work.  For more help becoming a paperless office, contact us and let us help you. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.