Did A Leprechaun Steal All Your Paper?

There are many benefits to backing up files digitally, with virtually no drawbacks. In the case that disaster strikes, such as leprechauns who like to steal papers, you can remain calm knowing all of your important files are backed up and will be there whenever you need them. Looking ahead into the future, when leprechauns start using computers and software to try to steal your important information, they won’t be able to because of secure passwords and document activity trackers, which offer the highest protection for your files. Not only are the files highly protected from outsiders, but easily accessible for the insiders, which allows for quicker and more efficient work. Who wants to waste time looking through stacks of paper to find something, when you can instantaneously access them on your computer or mobile device?
Digitizing your files reduces the human error that comes with handling paper documents. How many times have you seen a paper get misplaced, filed wrong, or even thrown away? If you don’t have that file backed up digitally, you could end up with a number of problems to deal with. This will help you minimize mistakes with clients and help maintain their positive image of you. What are they going to think when you lose one of their important financial or medical documents? Spoiler alert: it won’t be good.


Another problem of keeping too many paper files is the amount of space it takes. Countless filing cabinets and storage rooms filled with paper could be easily eliminated by transitioning to the digital world. You invest a lot of money into your company and office space, use it for more productive things. You can even use this space to have more space. Being too physically cluttered with things is bad. It can reduce your productivity and increase your stress levels. On the other hand, storing everything digitally doesn’t take up space and can reduce your stress because of the fact that everything is secure and available whenever you need it.


Along with being better for your company, digitizing your documents is also better for the environment too. Using paper creates more waste and increases the carbon footprint that you leave on Earth. We must utilize our limited supply of natural resources in the best way possible and having unnecessary paper is not the way to do it.


Help your company become more “Green” this St. Patrick’s Day and go digital! Contact us for more information on digitizing your documents.