Cleaning up Digital Clutter

It is extremely easy for the amount of files on your electronics to get out of control.  I think it is safe to say that almost everyone has experienced a time or two when the amount of unnecessary data on their electronics has made them feel overwhelmed.  Making a few different changes will solve this problem.

Our inbox seems to grow the fastest, with constant email updates from everyone and any company you’ve ever purchased from. However, most of these emails can be deleted and sent straight to the trash.  Inboxes can easily get backed up and out of hand very quickly.  If you don’t take the time to clean your inbox out on a day-to-day basis, you will end up with hundreds if not thousands of emails left to go through at one time.  This can become very overwhelming and does not sound enjoyable for anyone.  If you designate certain times to check your email each day, you will never run into this issue.  Try going through your inbox in the middle of the day and then right before you leave.  If you are receiving multiple emails from a company you have no interest in, unsubscribe.  This will save you the time from going through unnecessary emails each day.

Going through your computer and deleting any duplicates of files will create much more valuable space.  If you have a cluster of documents on file, it can be very difficult to find one in particular at times.  This results in re-downloading a file that is already stored on the computer.  By deleting these duplicates, it will also allow your computer to work faster.

Take the time to go through all of your apps on your computer and phone once a week.  Delete those apps that have not been opened since you downloaded them.  It is easy to forget how many apps are on our electronics.  Deleting unused apps will give you more space and will increase the speed.

Going through old pictures, movies/shows and music on your computer is another way to increase the speed and space.  Storing blurry and duplicated pictures is just a waste of space.  It is time to delete the shows/movies that you have not viewed in the past few months.  Music can also take up a huge amount of space on one’s computer.  Try using Spotify or Pandora instead of downloading songs.  This will save a large amount of space.

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