Content Analysis = Business Intelligence + Document Management Solutions

How can an employee make decisions with all the data and documents in raw form? Sometimes waiting for an IT report isn’t an option. That’s where business intelligence comes into play (BI). BI software analyzes raw data from enterprise systems to improve decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities.

Content Analysis is where business intelligence meets document management. It is the bringing together of these two separate disciplines for more streamlined access and representations of your data. By allowing companies to merge these two systems, they can access text data and past consumer interactions they have recorded to see future trends. The separation of the two document types were because of data. ECM’s typically handled unstructured data such as text and BI systems looked at structured data such as numbers in databases.

Combined with the power of document management for financial statements and the business intelligence systems, the power is back in your company’s hands to make the decisions about everything with every tool available. Your business can greatly benefit from content analysis as customer data can often be stored in content form, especially important data. For example, receipts can often be content. By seeing the amount of numbers of items returned a business could then anticipate a smaller order, find a new product, or simply fix the current one to decrease returns. Content being produced is also becoming more and more common. Content Intelligence would have the ability to analyze the unstructured data received about your own in-house content. By having a BI system run the reports and information on the content, your business would have the ability to make these kinds of informed decisions.

For more information on content management or document management please contact Biel’s today. This can be the first step to smart content which means a smart business.