Is Your Data Ready to Graduate?

How do you know when your data is ready to move on to bigger and better things?

Managing all of an organization’s data can be a challenge.  However, just like we go through the different phases of schooling to prepare ourselves for the real world, so does your data. But what is the bigger and better in the data world? The Cloud.

Elementary School
When starting off at an elementary school, you want to make sure your surroundings are secure, and that you are in a safe environment, well the same goes for your data. Ensuring that you have a safe environment for your organization’s data will guarantee that it won’t be harmed in any way, shape or form. A lot of companies are still at this stage trying to protect the data they have as of right now. At this stage, data is most likely lend on paper or microfilm.

Middle & High School
Once you reach this stage of schooling, you expect some more freedom and you want to explore a little bit more, which is perfectly fine! But given this extra freedom there are also some limitations. At this stage, an organization is starting to allow access and sharing of data within a secured environment. This is the stage where an organization’s documents are beginning to be transferred from paper to microfilm to digital. Data remains in a well-controlled environment but now offers the benefits of mapping, sharing and of course, password protection.

So now you have grown up a bit, and you have moved on to that stage where you are ready for bigger and better things. In other words, cloud computing. Through cloud computing your data is now easily accessible through computers and mobile devices. Data is digital, secure and  continuing to grow. In the Cloud, organizations have complete control of their documents however, their documents are now taking up less space, and costing the organization less money.

The Real World
So how prepared is your data for the real world of cloud computing?

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