Paper Cuts Aren’t The Only Way Paper Can Hurt You.

Storing information on paper is not only hurting the environment, it can be hurting your business as well. Here some ways that storing information like this can hurt your business.

Storage Space
When storing information on paper you are taking up valuable floor space in your office with filing cabinets. An organization can spend thousands of dollars on filing cabinets alone. Considering that many of a companies stored files are duplicates, this method of storage is expensive and takes up way too much space.

A recent study shows that 77 percent of companies admitted that disorganization has a negative impact on their employee’s productivity. Storing information on paper means employees are spending countless hours filing away documents, that will never be touched again. Then employees will spend hours digging through filing cabinets to find that one document that they actually need again.

The Bottom Line
Having a paper-based office is expensive. Not only is there the cost of the paper itself, but this type of system requires the purchase of ink, toner, fax machines and copy machines. Also, add to that cost, the cost of file cabinets to store all of those documents. These expenses have to come from somewhere, and they are coming from company’s bottom line.

Information Security
When paper is not stored properly, companies are putting their information and themselves at risk. Many documents are held to strict regulations governing consumers privacy, so companies have to be careful disposing and storing paper. Some risks include damaging the company reputation, loss of customers, identity theft or even legal reprecussions.

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