Database Details

Databases are well kept storage of your information. Most companies use some kind of database to help keep track of their business transactions. Databases are often associated with, yep, data and have risen to even greater prevalence as part of the big data revolution. Of course this data could be on paper or saved in spreadsheets but databases provide some very important benefits.


1. Storing information in a database allows for patterns to be seen in your operations data easily. The information can be indexed so that data of similar kinds is automatically grouped together.

2. Furthermore, databases provide precious times savings to your business. When using the search feature, searching is an easy task,  and requires no time looking for documents in piles of other records. Databases can be set up to produce records and reports without any human support saving employees large chunks of time.

3. Easily accessible data is another benefit of databases. The data is incredibly accessible even to employees who have minimal knowledge. A search or query in database world, can be bring up records with a match in seconds instead of searching through paper or excel sheets. These searches can also be saved if they are performed frequently to make the data even more accessible to all.

4. Intermeshed data is a standard. Data from a variety of searches can be imported into a database and stored together by some type of identifier or primary key; for example, this could be a customer’s name. By having the data in one location and together from a variety of sources, business may find some interesting insights. There could be a connection between those who a business spoke to face-to-face versus a phone and the size of an order. By having the data about a customer in database, companies would have the ability to recognize that.

5. Better customer service. Having easily stored data saved that is quickly accessible to everyone and gives important answers will always benefit your customers in the long run. Databases can help you provide better offerings, catch gaps in service through business insight reports, or simply help a customer service representative find a past order quicker. And any tool that benefits your customers benefits you.

Databases are considered foundational in the world of big data. If your business has database needs, Biel’s has data base solutions. Please contact Biel’s today for more information.