Don’t Make These Big Data Mistakes

We’ve been on the topic of Big Data lately, discussing how it affects us in our personal and professional lives. While having data is important, if businesses don’t utilize it properly, they’ll miss out on more efficient processes, reduced costs and other benefits.  To utilize your big data, avoid these mistakes:

No Proper Planning. Just like any other aspect of business, planning is crucial.First, what are your uses for the data? Ask yourself, why are you collecting data? Will it aide you in reaching your goals? If so, then plan your data collection for procedure and workflow.

Not understanding Big Data. Confusion and big data seem to walk hand in hand. There are so many definitions; it is often hard to decipher its true meaning and how it relates to your business.  Many believe that only big companies should be concerned with big data- however, even if your company is small, you should take it seriously. Learning to control and manage the variety of information is crucial. (For more information on the definition of big data, check out our post, Big Data Gets Defined, Finally)

Not Looking Past the Technology

It’s not uncommon for businesses to believe that most of their problems can be solved by technology. It is true- to some extent however it is important to choose carefully in which analytic application to use for your business. It needs to suite your business well. Go back to your original questions, what is the reason you are collecting data? What are the issues you’d like solved? Then you know what application is best for you.

Inability to Look Towards the Future

As mentioned, big data can show you where the errors in your work processes are. However, to really utilize your data, focus on how to move forward from that point. Use the data to determine your next step.

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