E-forms Fast Facts

E-forms are the computer, or browser,version of a paper form that a business may process. They are often built into a Web-based browser to communicate with servers and back-end databases which allows for smoother customer interaction and as digital documents grow, so does the complexity of E-forms. E-forms are often considered an essential part of the document management business.


E-forms are much quicker than your typical forms. Since E-forms are programmed part of the computer, they can be programmed to populate automatically with specific and consistent formatting. This saves the time of filling out or formatting paper forms. In addition, data validation and security of the data can be instantaneous instead of a cycle involving employees.

  1. Response rates of forms that require customer input can often be increased. Going online to fill out a survey with populated fields, questions that can be skipped, and automatically submitted will save the customer time and aggravation. This increases the likelihood the that customers will respond.
  2. Data aggregation is easier for your business. The data is automatically validated. It can also be programmed to have field population to increase similarities in data. This will allow for faster sorting. Forms can also be linked with a back-end database. This linkage creates much quicker data aggregation in a useful way to be analyzed.
  3. Saving money from printing, mailing, dealing with lost or missing data, and incorrect employee entry. Having e-forms save money to print forms or to mail forms. It also decreases the chance of missing or lost data, as it is much harder to lose and electronic form than an e-form. In addition, the data is validated and more likely to be correct saving the time of fixing a data entry mistake.
  4. Better experience for customers and employees. Customers will often find it easier to have a electronic option. Having them complete an electronic option with stored data can allow for better communication regarding any issues, concerns, promotions, or new products they may be interested. This is based on stored data that has been processed and analyzed. Employees will often find it easier to complete customer service requests, eliminate paper trails, and comply with government auditing demands. A happy workplace serving happy employees makes for a very happy business.
  5. E-forms can provide benefits for any business.

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