Eliminate Your Paper Trail

How often during a typical workday are you carrying around some type of paper document? Whether you’re walking to the file room, to the copy machine, a coworker’s desk, or even making a work related commute, paper is spending a lot of time in transport. But how safe is that?  Here are some of the risks associated with this constant and consistent transportation of paper documents.


First and foremost, documents, and the information they contain, are valuable and if you’re carrying around files with no back up, it is easy for them to get lost in the shuffle, which means all of the irreplaceable data is lost as well.


Misfiling documents is a very easy thing to do, especially if you’re in a hurry to get back to your regular work duties. Although your documents are not lost, they might as well be considering the time it will take to recover them depending on the complexity of your filing system.

Forgotten Files

Imagine that you are driving to a meeting to pitch a sale to a client, however, you left your paperwork at the office, or you forgot your briefcase at home with important information pertaining to the product you sell. It is more than likely that you will lose the sale due to simple error.

Damaged Documents

The more frequently documents are handled; the more likely they are to become damaged. If you put a simple crease on a paper, or you accidentally put a rip in a piece of paper they may be salvageable. But what if there is a fire, or your documents are damaged to the point in which they are illegible. This is the worst-case scenario for a business that hasn’t taken the appropriate precautions when dealing with paper documents.


Eliminating your paper trail is now possible thanks to the Internet. Would you fold an invoice into a paper plane and throw it to the accounting department? No, you would e-mail it. This same theory can be applied to your documents so that they can be scanned, stored, and accessed through computers and related software and hardware.

With an Electronic Document Management System from Biel’s you are able to access any document, anywhere, and anytime through a cloud based model. You cannot only access documents, but you are able to access any e-mails and spreadsheets just like if you were connected to a hard drive at work.


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