Save Green With Cloud Storage

“The Cloud” has become one of the most popular buzzwords in today’s tech world. Cloud storage simply put, is online space that you can use to store your digital data. Cloud storage provides a secure way to store and share data and information. If your business is ready to put the cloud to work, you can save green, and two types of green while you’re at it: money and trees.

A Few Ways Cloud Storage Saves You Money
  • Cloud storage is relatively inexpensive – you only pay for the storage you need.
  • Employee Efficiency- Employees will no longer need to file or search for documents.
  • Reduce Costs- Reduce the need to purchase paper, ink, and repair printing or scanning hardware.
  • Save office space- without the need for bulky filing cabinets you will save valuable office space.
How Does Cloud Storage Save Trees

When you research cloud storage, you will find all the information you need to know about document storage, security and recovery. You will learn how it makes accessing and sharing data easier and faster. Most of the information about cloud storage will also state how it is cost effective, reliable,tested and trusted. All of this information about cloud storage is true, but they rarely focus on the positive impact it can have on the environment.

Think about it this way, for every ton of paper made, 17 trees have to be used. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year and there are 200,000 sheets of paper in a ton. Therefore in a 20 worker in the office, 17 trees will be used to satisfy their paper consumption. Can you imagine how many trees are cut down every year just for office paper. Cloud storage can reduce the amount of paper used by the average office worker. The cloud can store every document the average office worker might need. Therefore they can access and save the document in the cloud rather than having to print and file any paper. We understand that going completely paperless is not possible for some businesses, but cutting consumption in half can save millions of trees.


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