Perfecting Your Work-Life Balancing Act

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of our work lives and our personal lives. By the time we realize there is an issue of balancing the two, we are already in deep. Most people, sooner or later, find a way to a good work-life balance. Here are three lessons that can prevent troubles from developing and help keep the good balance during our careers.

Set Limits
Obviously everyone wants to do a good job at work (well, as long as you want to keep your job). For some, that means that you do everything that someone asks you to do, some take it a step further and do what you think might be asked of you. When you set limits you are able to review the time you have available. One of the best ways to set limits is to physically schedule the time that you are available to work.  You can do this by setting a limit of hours in the office per week or offering to be ‘on call’ until a certain time at night is a good way to keep from taking on too much. Setting limits will only help you if you actually stick to them.

Say No
We hear this all the time growing up but somehow when we start working we forget it! It is okay to say no when you are feeling overwhelmed or like you can’t keep up. Another situation would be if you don’t feel like you are physically able or qualified to do the task.  If someone makes you feel like it is an excuse or cop-out, just remember that saying:” It’s okay to say no.”

Find Your Coping Skills
Everyone has their own way of coping with stresses in the workplace. Most of these techniques can work to help us stay in balance.  They not only help us feel better in the moment but will also help us feel restored and rejuvenated.  One of the best techniques is exercise. Walking or doing another activity for twenty minutes three times a week will not only help you physically but it will also help your mental and emotional health.


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