Email Management Helps Everyone

By implementing an email management system in your company, it allows for all departments to benefit as a result. It simplifies the tasks that everyone is required to do and it allows for better communication within the company. Applications from the email management system are designed with the purpose of making each department operate more efficiently. This maximizes the benefits that a company can receive as a part on implementing this system. Having everyone benefit is a solution that is hard to overlook.

Examples of departments that email management can help:

  • HR
  • Customer Service
  • Legal
  • AR/AP

It can help human resources by using the HR Correspondence Management application. This allows for HR to quickly document benefits and activities in one easy step rather than taking the time to document everything. Using the outlook plug-in, tag an email with employee #, name, or document type and let the Email Manager engine do the rest. It tracks the life of an email thread and automatically stores the message, subsequent replies, and attached documents to the designated repository.

Customer service is extremely valuable to retaining happy customers and ensuring your repeat business. Email Manager adds value by making this function simpler. The data is archived with customer records to be used for future reference. Email Manager automatically stores messages to the designated repository in a single, secure location alongside other supporting documentation about the customer. This will help improve customer service as customer issues will be able to get resolved quicker, which leads to an increased number of customers assisted.

Legal is another important aspect of a company because of the penalties it can face if something is not followed correctly. Being able to find information that is needed is important to be able to comply with the law. Email manager automates the classification of critical email conversations and helps streamline the discovery process by storing those messages with other important documents. This allows for a company to be able to meet its obligations in a timely and efficient manner, without headaches or frustration occurring.

AR and AP is extremely important to a company and accuracy is a huge factor. An improved process will help your staff focus on revenue-generating activities and minimize late payments. Email Manager simplifies the capture, processing, review, and approval of documentation. It allows for time to be saved and increased work flow in the department. For more information, register for our Email Manager webinar!