How You Should Be Ending Your Workday

We talk a lot about how to stay productive before work and during work, when you’re the most productive and how to maintain your focus. However,because technology allows us to continue work well after business hours, it can sometimes be difficult to shut everything off and allow yourself some family or personal time. Not to mention, working too late into the night can reduce your productivity the next day. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for the following day before you leave the office.

Slowly shut down.

Have a planned shut – down. You come home from work and answer a few emails, the next thing you know you have worked most of the night and missed several hours of your own time, your brain is frazzled and your body is tired.  Sleep and rest is crucial for productivity, so making an effort to end the work day is necessary to continue being productive.  Tell your co-workers when you will be available and how you can be reached- then don’t stray from it. You can even do it in steps. Stop answering calls after 5 pm, emails after 6 pm and everything off by 8 pm.  It might be beneficial to plan a day ahead.

Clean your space.

Being in a cluttered space decreases concentration.  Often times we don’t even realize it, but it takes our attention away from the task at hand.  Whenever I would lock myself in my dorm room in college to study, I would actually end up cleaning my room first, or in the middle of studying. I learned after a while to do it before hand so I still had plenty of time to study. So, at the end of the day, clean up your work-space, so that the next day you are starting fresh, in an organized place.

Review “the list”.

We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that one of the most important habits to avoid wasting time and increase productivity is to make your to- do list for the next day before you leave work. You start the next day with a plan and understanding of what challenges you’re facing, allowing you to plan accordingly.

You should also use this time to look over what you did accomplish, so it isn’t just a stressful experience about what is yet to come. Stop and appreciate what you’ve done and give yourself a pat on the back! Maybe even make a list of everything you’ve finished, it’ll be a great way to keep you focused and motivated.

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