Weatherproof Your Business With The Cloud

    Those of us who live in Buffalo know all too well how quickly the weather can change- we had five inches of snow per hour falling around us yesterday.  Roads are closed; flights are cancelled, making it very difficult for employees to make it into the office. There will be some days that it is impossible to get into the office, whether it’s weather or personal complications! But just because you cannot get into the office doesn’t mean the office can’t come to you.

    Using the cloud, employees can access data anywhere, any time and on most devices. This means that snow days (inevitable here in Western New York) and other weather related complications won’t cause employees to lose a full day of work. The cloud enables employees a greater level of data access, productivity and flexibility. Mobility now means more than just working from home. Employees are always on the move and need the technology for their work to keep up with them. Imagine that you are only able to check your email from your desk… impossible!

    The cloud increases mobility and business continuity, for both large and small companies. It absolutely levels the technology playing field, providing the same services and abilities to any company despite size. It makes it possible for small businesses to have the same computing and technology advances that before was only accessible to companies with bigger budgets.

   With the cloud your business will have mobile access to email and documents to keep employees up to date and productive. Storing your data off site will allow more space for your business and keep your important documents safe. For more information on how the cloud will help you business, in good or bad weather, click here. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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