Get the Most Out of Employees

To help your employees become truly productive, it’s important to ensure that they are you have to make sure that they are truly engaged. Creating a challenging and productive atmosphere is important, but understanding employee’s needs and limits are as well. Employees may not be focused or on the other hand, may have a tough time saying “no” to new projects and will become burnt out. Use the following tips to work with your employees to keep them engaged, happy and productive.

Clear Communication

From the first day, expectations and tasks should be made clear. Let employees know that you are expecting their very best work and continue to ask them if their projects are done to the best of their ability. Asking these types of questions before they turn in any work will be taken as a standard and a way to hold them accountable, and is not meant to be critical. Employees will appreciate the high standards and open communication.

Every employee is different and have unique needs, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this will help you set goals and benchmarks for each employee, to best boost their self-esteem and productivity. Make sure you and your employees are on the same page and have a strong understanding of responsibilities and expectations.

Give Constant Feedback

Letting employees know how they’re doing doesn’t have to be saved for their performance review- for both positive and negative feedback. Rather than simply saying, “Good job”, be specific about what the employee did correctly and how it positively impacted your company. This will encourage the positive behavior, more so than just a pat on the back.

If you are going to be giving negative feedback, it’s important that you leave emotions out of it. If you are angry or disappointed, wait until you’ve calmed down to approach the employee. Wait until you can clearly communicate what you didn’t like and what should change- but don’t wait too long. Approach the employee in a timely manner.

Make a List of Accomplishments

To really boost employee morale and productivity, keep a list of all of the accomplishments that employees have made throughout the year or the quarter. Then at the holiday parties or at an employee picnic remind your employees of all the great things that they have done. Employees will be motivated to keep up the good work and make goals to accomplish more. Correcting the not so good and celebrating the good will keep your staff motivated and pushing to improve.

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