Get Your Head in the Cloud

Every day more and more businesses start to use the Cloud. In fact, by 2020 most of the work done today by internal company servers will be outsourced to the Cloud, don’t get left behind! 

“But what exactly is the Cloud?” you might be asking yourself. And, that’s a good question. In general, the Cloud means that all your applications and resources are available anywhere, anytime via the internet. More specifically and technically, the Cloud is a data-center full of servers which holds your data on one or more of those servers. The Cloud is most commonly used for Cloud Computing and Storage.

Cloud Computing 
If you currently use Gmail, Google Docs or iTunes, you’re already using Cloud Computing.

Using software and hardware via the internet without possessing the software and/or hardware in-house, is Cloud Computing. The software and hardware become like a utility, like electricity or gas. You don’t have to invest time and money in managing the hardware, software and licenses; you can just make use of the benefits. 

Cloud Storage 
The more software and hardware that is used in Cloud Computing, the more storage is needed. It is estimated that the demand for Cloud Storage will double every 24-36 months for the next decade.

Cloud Storage is great for organizations because investing in internal storage servers can be financially risky. If you invest in too much storage, you waste money on storage capacity that you are not using and if you don’t invest in enough storage, you will need to spend more money and invest in more storage servers. With Cloud Storage, you only pay for the storage you need. 

Benefits of the Cloud 
The Cloud is such a widely-used technology because it provides so many benefits to users. One of the main benefits is the very low investment cost and that there is no need to purchase hardware. The Cloud can also be quickly and easily deployed, for example if you have a new employee, they can have their new account fast. And most importantly, the Cloud offers easy access anytime, anywhere. Data can be accessed from a computer, tablet or mobile phone all that is needed is an internet connection.For more information about Cloud computing, storage, or any document management solution please visit biels.com or follow us on Twitter here.