Going Green For Technology

When most people hear the phrase “Going Green”, they may immediately think reduce, reuse, recycle – all references to nature alone. But what some don’t realize is, while recycling is a big portion of the Going Green movement, technology and its advancement toward improved resources is also an objective geared toward “thinking green”. Green technology is technology assembled and used with the intentions to reduce or reverse the effects of negative human activity on the environment. When thinking technology, many might consider large gas guzzling machinery, excessive battery power for computing devices, or quite possibly, flying cars! With technology modifying almost daily, it is difficult to follow the good that a lot of it is doing on the environment.

What green technology is doing for us:

Green Computing
Green computing is the practice of utilizing environmentally friendly Information Technology and computing strategies. Eliminating subsystems, such as printers, by only using digitized document management, can decrease the amount of hazardous material needed for these additional devices. Green computing also works to aid in the production of recyclable products, goods, and energy saving abilities built within many of today’s devices.

Consolidating Machinery
While energy and power saving initiatives are being adopted, so is the ability for companies, businesses, or even students to reduce their dependance on machinery to possibly one device alone. Computing devices are being constructed with the ability to run multiple operating systems and recognize many applications. This results in less power from electricity since the number of machines necessary to complete one task has been reduced to one.

What You Can Do
While green computing and consolidation aren’t easy fixes, there are ways we can contribute daily using our own technology. By making sure you’re putting your computers on standby or sleep mode when they aren’t being used, you wont have to charge them as often. Unplugging wall adapters after you’re done charging your devices also reduces the amount of wasted power and unnecessary electricity. Another quick and easy way to think green when using your technology is to take advantage of energy saving options on devices whenever possible.

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