3 (Hidden) Reasons Conversion Is Worth Converting To

Converting from paper to digital document management has many perks to the office, its employees, as well as the company’s clients. There are the obvious benefits of converting such as: cutting company expenses on paper and printing, saving trees, and becoming more important than ever, document safety and security. While these perks may seem most prominent in the company’s overall productivity, there are a number of ‘behind the scenes’ benefits to conversion.

Access to Documentation on the Go! With mobile technology becoming as innovative as ever, handheld devices now have the ability to act as desktop computers and execute previously impossible missions! With the conversion from paper to digital documents, businesses are able to gain access to whatever, wherever, whenever. This connection to documents at any given time allows meetings to run more smoothly and demonstrations to be lucidly understood by viewers. Many companies are using their mobile technology in the office along with larger displays instead of distributing pamphlets to their viewers. With access to documents, no matter the setting, off-site meetings are also an option and can create a more lively presentation for employees!

More Office Space. File cabinets are becoming a furnishing accessory of the past. While computers and smart-devices may take up, at most, 30in of your desk space, file cabinets can range from 3-6 ft high and 1-2 ft wide. By ridding your office of file cabinets, this extra space can be put to much better use. Possibly, where a file cabinet once lived, now the office desktop resides.

Document Sharing. Conversion has made it 10x easier to share documentation between the coworkers of a company and employees and their clients. Access to the World Wide Web and basic computing features have given us the ability to use features such as copy/paste, attaching files within an email, or inserting links. These gestures all seem simple because we have become so use to doing them and they are now second nature to us. Being able to send a 10 page content analysis email attachment to 15 coworkers, without thinking twice about ink or printing costs is lovely