How Going Paperless Can Improve Customer Service Satisfaction

I dislike calling customer service as much as anybody else and that is because you have wait on hold and then spend forever trying to get help. Trying to provide good customer service and having any information exclusively on paper is nearly impossible. Customer service representatives need to be able to access all of the customer’s information instantaneously so they can help the customer immediately. Biel’s can help your customer service representatives provide better service to your customers in a variety of ways. Going paperless and using an electronic ticket management system will improve efficiency greatly.

A common problem facing many customer service representatives is not having the necessary readily available to them. If they ever have to go into a filing cabinet to find information for a customer it can take a long time to find the right documents, and sometimes they get misfiled and now somebody has to spend hours finding it. Using an electronic ticket management system, customer service representatives can see all the customer’s information, and what they’ve call about in the past. Even if they dealt with another representative, anybody can pull up the ticket and see what the last representative did. This is especially helpful if it’s a problem the customer has had in the past and it occurs again. This type of coordination between employees is what makes digital ticket systems so much more efficient than looking through archived papers in a filing cabinet.

Biel’s can also improve the way customers provide information to customer service representatives by implementing electronic forms. Customers can go to the website, make a new support ticket by themselves and even specify how they’d like to receive a reply. This means the phone lines will stay clear of smaller issues and instead of having a customer wait on hold, a representative can call them back once it is their turn. The customer won’t be as worked up after being on hold and a solution can be reached much more quickly.

If your business wants to improve the customer service experience for their customers which will attract and retain clients, give Biel’s a call. We have a proven record of success helping improve the customer service experience in many businesses, give us a call and let us do the same for you.