How to Create Motivated Workers

In order to be the most efficient and effective, it is important for every employee in a business to be motivated.  For this to happen, employees need to know that their work has a purpose.  Below are a list of easy ways to produce a motivated workforce:

  • Incentives
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Interactive meetings (one-on-one or team meetings)
  • Constructive feedback
  • Career Advancement

There are many different types of incentives.  An employer could motivate his/her employees with a bonus, ice cream party, special recognition, extra vacation days, or a gift card.  Incentives give employees something to work hard towards, because they want those two extra, paid vacation days or the gift card.  Incentives reward workers for their hard work and accomplishments.

Clear goals and objectives help workers understand how they can help the company thrive.  As the employee completes the specific tasks given, he/she will feel accomplished.  Short term and long term goals should be given so the employees know what they are working for.

Bosses and supervisors should hold meetings on an individual level with their employees, with a group, or both.  At the meetings, both the superior and subordinates should have time to talk and give their opinions.  It is important to build a solid working relationship.  This will result in trust, loyalty, and motivated workers.  If subordinates are able to open up to their superiors, it will make them feel heard and comfortable.  This way both the boss and his/her employees can work together to be more effective and efficient.

Constructive feedback will allow workers to understand what they are doing right, and should continue to do, as well as what they need to improve on.  Supervisors/bosses should talk to their employees on an individual basis and talk to them about their mistakes and praise them for something good that they have done.  This will show subordinates that their superior personally cares about him/herself.

If workers know that they can advance in their careers, which will give them motivation to strive.  Career advancement could include a promotion or different tasks that the employer is given.  Different tasks will keep employees interested and on their toes.  Most employees, especially younger employees are looking for better opportunities.  Knowing that they have a chance to build their way up in the company will improve their working habits.

As a supervisor, or boss it is important to try to keep workers motivated.  This will benefit the company both in a short-term and long-term.  For more motivation tips and tricks, follow us on LinkedIn!