How To Foster Innovation In the Workplace

Employee innovation is a valuable skill. Innovation is defined as either the process of introducing new ideas or design, or the items themselves. And the most successful way to foster employee innovation is to create a culture of it. By building it into your culture, innovation will be something that the entire company accepts, grows from, and is challenged on.

  1. Manage failure. Part of innovation is expecting the unexpected and being prepared to have the next big game changer. By embracing failure, employees will dream big and dream often. The result might be failure but it also will lead to the big winner. Ever changing means ever discovering. And the best discovery comes these glitches. Take those mistakes and learn.
  2. Lead correctly. It’s time to lead horizontally, put away the tall, topdown organizations and lead in a way that connects. This leadership will provide employees the motivation to share their ideas. By being a leader that embraces transformation and innovation, employees will be more likely to share their ideas with those in charge. And whatever decision is made, make sure to provide the rationale so employees know why. By leading effectively employees will see that this is a serious culture goal and not just a flimsy trend.
  3. Embrace autonomy. You’ve made it clear that this is a culture the company wants. You’ve allowed ideas to grow, big and small, good and bad. You’ve provided feedback and support. Now step back and let go. The best innovations comes from unstructured brainstorming, experimenting, and learning. While most companies don’t have the capabilities to provide unlimited equipment with paid time to play on it everyday there are other ways to incorporate planned “unstructured” time in. Start small, such as an hour every month solve problems in teams. From there tweak and adjust to best fit your unique culture of innovation.
  4. The only way to succeed in a rapidly changing market is to change with it or ahead of it. By having innovative employees that are supported, your brand will be able to stay in the game. As with everything worth doing, it takes time and work to build a true culture of innovation but the payoff is invaluable.

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