Why Document Management Is So Important for the New Year

 2016 brings a fresh start for your company. You may be wondering about ways in which your company can improve to ensure that you have a successful year. One cost-effective office solution that will improve office efficiency at a low cost, is a document management solution. A document management solution is essential for any company that deals with a high volume of paper documents. Document management means improved organization for your business and organization is the cornerstone for any successful business.  Below are just a few reasons why document management is so important for the new year.

Improved Workflow Operations

Document management solutions make it easy to digitally send document to employees, clients or vendors. You will no longer have to send physical documents. When you can digitally send documents, you can instantly send important information thereby increasing the rate of workflow. Tasks will be completed quicker and easier.


When tasks can be streamlined to be completed quicker and easier, your company will save both time and money.You and your employees can save time previously spent managing documents. This time can be re-purposed into completing more important tasks, sparking office innovation. Some studies indicate that in offices with paper documents, employees can spend an average of 35% of their time handling documents. That is a lot of valuable work time, that can be spent elsewhere.

Strong Security

If you have paper documents stored in your office, then they are susceptible to loss, theft or damage. Lost documents pose a major security threat to businesses. Additionally, merely having documents on your computer doesn’t mean they can’t be hacked. A document management system will customize a security system that is best suited for your organization. The security will implement the proper password and authorization standards that are needed to ensure strong document security.

Better Serve Your Clients and Customers

Lost documents can be harmful for your customers and clients, which definitely reflects badly on your company. It can also be annoying to customers and clients when it takes so long to process paper documents. A document management system will make it possible to digitally send documents to customers and clients, eliminating any waiting time, making everyone happy.

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