Improving Workplace Productivity In Six Steps.

Here are six quick steps to improving workplace productivity:

Separate Your Tasks in Order of Priority
Having a lot of tasks can seem overwhelming when you are looking at them as a whole. A good way to be more efficient about which tasks to do first is to sort them based on priority or importance. Sorting your work into groups of ‘Important’ and ‘Not so Important’ can make tasks more clear and can keep you on task without feeling lost as to what to do next.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Once you have your plans sorted based on priority and importance the next step to do is plan! Planning a schedule may seem tedious and a waste of time when you could actually be doing the tasks, however, the time it takes to plan will increase efficiency tenfold. Just starting with a simple notepad to create a daily to do list will really make a difference, it’s important to make sure your setting realistic goals for yourself and giving yourself enough time for your tasks.

Start Early
There are only so many hours in a day and time is one of those things that money can’t buy and sadly you can’t get back. Though a good nights sleep is crucial to productivity just think about the benefit of doing something as simple as waking up an hour earlier every day for a month, that one hour will equal and extra 24 hour day for that month! Remember the early bird catches the worm! 

The Worst, First
Everyone has that one thing they are dreading to do on their to-do-list so automatically you try to push that to be the last thing you do. STOP! If you finish the task you dread most then you won’t have thoughts of it hanging over your head all day. If you finish that task first then you will feel more accomplished and have more momentum for the rest of the day and for any other tasks you have to complete.

Take Control of Your Time
As mentioned before time is important so don’t be afraid to take control of your own time. It’s easy to get distracted or caught up in other tasks whether it be at home or in the office, but by letting others know that you are busy or working is a good way to prevent those distractions. Also don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to taking on optional tasks, your time is valuable and others should respect that. 

Stay Positive and Take Breaks
Don’t forget to take breaks! Breaks are a great way to refocus and stay positive throughout the day when working. One thing to keep in mind is that physical activity during a break is not only good for your body but your mind as well. After a break, your performance levels increase dramatically so that you can finish your tasks with more accuracy . Mistakes are more frequent when you don’t refresh your mind and body.

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