The North Pole Goes Paperless.

For years Santa has relied on paper to achieve a smooth accurate Christmas present delivery system. Until now! That’s right; Santa and the elves have digitalized the North Pole. And it’s about time.

Every Christmas Eve, Santa delivers Christmas gifts to children all over the world. But for him to be able to do this all on one night, while still ensuring each child’s Christmas wish come true, he has to do a lot of paper work! Santa not only has to maintain the Naughty and Nice lists, he also has to keep track of what every child asks for each year. 

Santa’s retention policy was tough to meet as it’s the entire lifetime of every child. You can imagine that the elves were getting a little peeved at the paper clutter that was taking over their workshops. In fact, rumor has it they even started to use the reindeer stables as more office space. I bet Rudolph loved not participating in reindeer games AND using Sally and Jimmy’s Christmas lists as pillows.

Not only was the paper clutter causing the elves to act a little grinchy, but to add fuel to the fire (literally- Rudolph’s glowing nose had started a paper fire in the stables), the Naughty and Nice list was getting misplaced way too much. They couldn’t keep up with the growing lists. Santa and the elves knew that something had to be done, a change had to be made.

So what did they decide to do?

Santa sent his Naughty and Nice list along with his entire set of christmas wish records to us here at Biel’s for digitization! (We didn’t peak at it we promise!)

We helped Santa digitize all of his paperwork as well as set him up with a document management system that allows the Naughty and Nice process to start and end completely paperlessly. Santa can use his iPad or iPhone to search by name to find any child to see what list they’re on and what they want for Christmas.

Biel’s is excited to be a part of the very first ever paperless Christmas. This system will save Santa so much time, he just might eat more cookies than normal on all his stops!