Minimize Morning Commute Misery

Ah, the dreaded morning commute. Get up early, and get ready, just to be sitting and screaming at the gentleman who doesn’t know what a blinker is. We’ve all been there but luckily there’s a way to make it less miserable.

First and foremost, the key is to make sure you have a morning routine. By having routine down every morning it will ensure the day starts out on the right note. Second, leave on time. The quickest way to aggravation is to leave late, be in a rush, and stuck sitting the traffic that was going to be here. Assuming you’ve made it up and out on the road on time, here are three different ways to improve that commute:

1. Listen to learn. This tried and true tip will wake up your brain on the right note. Make sure to pick a topic or a book or a podcast that you will enjoy and is almost the entire length of the commute. Most importantly, make sure the topic is fascinating and new. This is the perfect time to get wrapped up in something new and exciting. This mental stimulation will help the commute speed on by.

2. Prepare for your day. If you are driving, either use the cars blue-tooth system or your own brain to create a to-do list. Run over the things you have to do, want to do, and most importantly haven’t done. If you are carpooling or taking public transportation continue to do the same as those who are driving, walking, or biking. Catch up on emails before you get to work. Create the goals for the exact day and write down your to-do list. By having a plan, when you arrive to work you can get started immediately.

3. Do nothing. This is great for those trying to achieve a better work-life balance. The morning commute can be a great way to sneak in some you time, away from the responsibilities of the home and the office. If you are driving listen to songs you like and sing along. Singing is a known-endorphin booster which means your mood will cheer right up. Using public transportation? Take time to read a book for fun, mediate or people-watch to clear you mind.
The morning commute can be a struggle for anyone. If its something you hate try these three tips to end that misery! For more productivity tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter– or contact us today for more information.