Optical Character Recognition

The public, since the dawn of computers, machine’s, and robots have always dreamed of intelligent ones. While this dream has always included talking, comprehensive, robots technology has been making strides for years. One such way is, optical character recognizition. Optical Character Recognition is the taking of digitized documents and forms and turning the content into ASCII characters or computer readable text characters. This is part of advanced software scanning technology. This input of human language into computer’s is one of the most common examples of “intelligence”.

How does it work?

Most OCR uses feature recognition to read scanned documents. Feature recognzition is not limited to computer typed papers but also to handwritten responses. This allows for your business to input the data from any source whether it be a customer response survey at the checkout or accounting balance sheets.  The character is recognized by the line components of a letter and then translated to ASCII. A B would be recognized as an upper case B like so; OCR would detect a straight line. Then one semi circle that started at the Endpoint One on the line and another that started at Endpoint Two, that both meant on the midpoint of the straight line.

Most business don’t have to use OCR on an industrial scale: not many of us will need to scan even a thousand documents a day, never mind a million. Yet OCR can still provide major benefits for the business.


• Fast and Easy to Find- By having the documents in a recognizable data base and digitized the user can search for information. In addition, having the sources indexed saves time than flipping through non OCR documents.

• Increase Worker Productivity- Having OCR will greatly decrease worker productivity. Rather than being forced to input everything by hand, the computer converts the printed data for an employee. This saves time and allows employees to better focus on other tasks.

• Error Reduction- humans are prone to error when entering data, especially of transposition. While a computer may misread information it very rarely makes errors. Some OCR systems allow you to correct each page in turn using spell check. Other OCR systems utilize the idea of near-neighbor analysis, similar to context clues.

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