Paper Reduction Strategy: Daily Advice & Tips

It is more possible than ever before to take initiative in your routine activities to leave less of a paper trail. While your life at home is not the same as in the office, your house can accumulate just as much paper traffic as a small company would.  In order to regain control over this paper mess, we’ve created a simple list of ten ways to easily de-paper your life at home:

  1. E-signing documents
  2. Online magazine and newspaper subscription
  3. Paperless Billing
  4. Collaboration via internet – Google Drive, Dropbox
  5. Cloth towels > paper towels
  6. Library or Kindle instead of purchasing new books
  7. White boards > post it notes
  8. Digital receipts
  9. External Hard drives
  10. Take advantage of options like Paperless Post and Evernote

In addition to these ten suggestions, it is also important that you find a purpose for going paperless and stick with it.  It might be easier to begin with one sector of your life – whether it be schoolwork, the kitchen, bills, etc.  – you can pick one area and begin to go completely paperless in it.  Once you get a feel for how to go about it, you will be better equipped to move on to other areas of your daily activities and home to attempt a paperless lifestyle.

Step by step you can truly achieve the goal of lessening your paper production.  And if the list isn’t inspiration enough, check out this video below.  A trailer for the Disney movie Earth, this short video reminds us of something we often forget in the chaos of daily work and life, which is that we are not the only ones on this planet.  We share Earth with all of the millions of living creatures and we must respect that.  It’s a great reminder for us of the beauty of this planet and provides an encouragement to do our own individual part to work towards helping save it through paper reduction. It may seem like a small thing but it makes a difference.

Earth – Official Movie Trailer

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