Three Reasons To Reduce Paper In The Office.

We’ve discussed the benefits of a paperless office, as well as how to make the change. But have you thought about what your business is missing if you don’t eliminate or reduce paper?

Paper documents have very little to no security. Physical locks on file cabinets are easy to break and dozens of people handle said documents, making them more susceptible to being misplaced or lost. With an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) you are able to put restrictions on information as well as protect them from physical damage. Only authorized users will be able to access and retrieve documents, making it way more secure than paper copies in a file cabinet. Using these systems will allow businesses to have a strong process for documents as well as provides back up for all of your data.

Decreased Costs
Surprisingly, paper is expensive to maintain. Cabinets, buying the paper and labor are costly, then add the average cost of a misplaced file (about $120) and you have some serious charges. Not to mention that while your business grows, you will have to continue to buy file cabinets, not to mention the space to put those cabinets. Many business’ feel that going paperless is too much of an investment for them. But after breaking down the costs of keeping up with paper, you actually save money in the long term.

Better Customer Service
Yes, with paper you have good customer service, but is it as good as it could be? File cabinets work well- when everything is placed exactly where they belong. But what if they aren’t? Then employees are spending too much time searching for the documents when they should be working with a the customer to solve the problem. By digitizing documents you make searching and retrieving documents easier- making it easier to focus on the customer and solve the issues more efficiently and productively than before.

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