Productivity Basics

Yes, there are many apps that you can download to help increase productivity. There are multiple articles about increasing productivity in the office. It can be quite overwhelming just thinking about all the methods out there to help you become more productive. We’ve read those articles and made a “Productivity Basics” list. A great foundation to help get you started!

We’ve said this before, make sure that you prioritize your To-Do list. Pick the most important tasks and block out your schedule to do them. You’ll make sure you accomplish the most important tasks, especially when you start getting bombarded with emergency tasks. If you start feeling overwhelmed by a large project, then devote 20-40 minutes a day to it. By breaking it down, it will become more manageable.

Cut down on distractions and interruptions. Set aside specific times to check emails, answer phone calls and checking your cell phone. They are distracting and take away more time than you think. While you are working on that large project, close the door to your office. If you don’t have a door, then maybe you could put on headphones.

Avoid checking social media and emails as soon as you wake up or immediately after arriving at work. Give yourself time in the morning before work, to read the paper, watch the news or do something you enjoy. Those few minutes to yourself will become very important. When you get to work, give yourself time to prioritize your To-Do list and get yourself ready for the day. It will be easier to do if you plan the day ahead as well, before you leave the office at night.

Take care of yourself! Being productive starts when you have enough sleep, the right food and getting enough exercise. By getting into the habit of these three things, you will feel so refreshed coming into work in the morning. Making your day go much better.

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